Pamela Cournoyer


Master Certified Instructor & Trainer of Trainers,

Author, Speaker, Mediator

At 17, the only way Pamela’s friends could ride her specially trained ‘cutting horse’ Buzz, was to teach them how to ride him; this single act serendipitously launched a lifetime love of training & coaching.


After graduating from the University of Oregon with a BS in Education, Pamela chose an adrenaline pumping career path; law enforcement. Within law enforcement, she held many positions but shone the brightest when educating the community. Her ability to engage audiences quickly caught the eye of the Oregon State Police and the Department of Public Safety, Standards & Training. When hired, she taught their best instructors the secrets to writing meaningful curriculum and how to teach with passion so that the material not only resonated but was retained.


This training vocation segued to working with the Western Community Policing Institute where Pamela quickly became the most requested civilian trainer for 13-years in a row across 9 northwestern states. She trained and consulted government officials, police officers/organizations, neighborhood groups, community activists, politicians, and even criminal offenders.


Pamela was most impacted by her 6-months of international community policing consulting for the US Dept of Justice to the country of Kosovo. Her challenge was to help two distinctive nationalities who lost trust in one another due to a recent war, to work harmoniously together. If you’d like to learn more about Pamela’s work in Kosovo, click here.


The highly impactful experience of Kosovo is what ultimately changed Pamela’s career focus. When she returned, she was determined to do something big for others. What weighed heaviest on her mind was the frustration and disenchantment she witnessed in the countless workplaces she trained throughout her career. She discovered the #1 reason why workers exit their jobs is that they do not feel respected, liked or appreciated by their leadership. It became her passion to affect this national statistic. If wary Kosovars could accept and embrace a new way of doing things, so could leaders in the workplace.


In 2004, Pamela started her Coaching and Consulting Company Powerful & True. She made it her mission to restore conflict-riddled workplaces by transforming management into the leaders their workers crave to follow.

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